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Evaluation of Alternating Loads Acting on the Propeller due to Interaction with Ice
The alternating ice loads acting on the propeller blades of icebreakers and ice ships during their navigation in ice are one of the reasons for the fatigue damage to the propulsion system, as well as for the increase of hull vibrations. The article considers the approach of the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute to determination of the ice thrust pulsations and propeller torque due to interaction with ice, as well as the spectral structure of these loads. A complex approach includes three research trends: use of a theoretical model and two types of simulation tests to be conducted in the ice model basin – simulation of ice milling by the propeller and the ship hull model towage in ice with the propellers rotating. Each trend supplements the general picture of the complicated process under investigation. As an example of possible application of research results, the calculations of ice ship hull vibration were made which showed that the alternating ice loads acting on the propeller may result in a 3-4 times increase of general hull vibration during ship navigation in ice.

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UDC:  629.
Author(s):  E.B. Karulin, M.M. Karulina, V.A. Belyashov, I.M. Belov
Pages:  93 - 106

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