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Damaged Strength Assurance for Large Arctic Gas Carriers under Non-standard Scenarios of Interaction with Ice
The article presents the parameter determination methodology for non-standard (emergency) scenarios of interaction with ice (direct or reflected ice impact) allowing to obtain the initial data for ice load calculations in order to verify the structural safety of LNG independent tanks. The ice load parameters may be defined by using the existing programs realizing the algorithm of hydrodynamic ship model impact against ice.
Consideration is given to nipping loads. The use of a calculation model taking into account the vertical localization of contact area due to partial destruction of lower ice layers having lower strength determins design nipping loads.
Research into the peculiarities of severe plastic deformation of double bottom structures under ice loads makes it possible to specify the procedure for evaluating the results of emergency and non-standard scenario realization in respect of arctic gas carrier hulls.

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UDC:  629.12
Author(s):  E.M. Appolonov, A.V. Didkovsky, M.A. Kuteinikov, A.B. Nesterov, E.A. Shishenin
Pages:  107 - 128

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