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Regulation of Ice Loads Acting on the Vertical Side of a Ship Nipped in Ice
The article presents the methodology for regulating the ice loads on the vertical side of a ship nipped in ice, taking into consideration the ice compression strength distributed non-uniformly through thickness in the direction parallel to the ship side surface.
As compared to methods used before, the presented method of ice load modelling during vertical side of a ship nipped in ice suggests ice destruction by bending. The method accounts for the finiteness of load area length and assignment of a load area height less than the ice thickness. The design data show satisfactory coincidence with the data set in the ice pressure load area coordinates.
Further improvement of the model requires a model test of large ship side structures to be followed by a full-scale test.

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UDC:  629.54
Author(s):  E.M. Appolonov, A.B. Nesterov, O.Ya. Timofeev
Pages:  129 - 146

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