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Development of the Procedure for Brittle Fracture Resistance Assessment in Welded Structures to Be Used on the Arctic Shelf
Design assessment of resistance to brittle fracture is one of the mandatory elements of marine structure accident-free operation on the northern shelf, as stipulated by the international standards and specifications. In view of construction of fixed offshore platforms and mobile offshore drilling units for the Arctic shelf where the environmental conditions are characterized by extremely low design temperatures and the possibility of intensive ice loading, the necessity for such assessments is growing. However, presently there are no national normative documents which contained requirements that would cover welded non-heat treatable structures and would meet the international standards. The article presents proposals on the basic procedures for such calculations with a brief substantiation.

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UDC:  921.791.05:539.4
Author(s):  A.V. Ilyin, V.P. Leonov, B.Yu. Filin
Pages:  147 - 175

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