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Complex Assessment of the Performance Efficiency of New Cold-resistant Steel Grades with a Yield Stress of 235-690 N/mm2 and Intended for Arctic Structures
The article presents the results of the efficiency assessment (mechanical properties and isotropy, particularly under negative temperatures, type of fracture, critical brittleness temperatures, corrosion-machanical resistance, weldability, crack resistance, cyclic loading resistance) of rolled sheet 20-30 mm thick and welded cold-resistant steel after thermomechanical treatment conducted in accordance with the programs of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping that prove their compliance with national and international requirements for steel grades to be used for arctic ships as well as for hydrocarbon exploration and production equipment.
The conventional steel grades and technologies have been mastered by the largest Russian plants, namely, CherMK OAO Severstal and OOO OMZ-Spezstal, have ensured the construction of ice-resistant fixed offshore platform Prirazlomnaya, self-elevating mobile offshore drilling unit Arcticheskaya as well as the MOSS multi-functional platform series for Norway, and they are in great demand at Russian and international market.

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UDC:  669.14.018.41:620.17
Author(s):  V.A Malyshevsky, E.I. Khlusova, A.V. Ilyin, V.K. Bashaev
Pages:  181 - 208

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