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Laser Welding Procedure for the Honeycomb Elements of Ship Structure and Performance Efficiency Assessment
The application of lightweight honeycomb panels as the elements of ship structure results, with equal bearing capacity, in 20-30 per cent reduction in weight and material consumption as compared to traditional structures, and the application of laser welding makes the manufacturing of honeycomb structures processable and effective. The CRISM (Central Research Institute of Structural Materials) Prometey has developed a sequential series of welding procedures for laser and arc-laser welding providing the possibility of manufacturing honeycomb panels and ship structure components assembled thereof.

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UDC:  621.791.725:629.12.011
Author(s):  V.V. Rybin, M.M. Pronin, V.N. Startsev, V.P. Leonov
Pages:  209 - 218

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