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Efficiency Assessment of Ship Cooling Systems Equipped with Box Coolers
The article reviews the tendencies of development of cooling system on board RS-classed ships. The efficiency assessment of ship cooling systems equipped with box coolers is considered. A mathematical heat transfer model for box coolers located in sea chests is presented, sea chest parameters affecting the heat transfer rate are determined. A procedure is suggested for evaluating the heat power of box coolers at a rated load of engine depending on seawater temperature, based on mooring test or sea trials results obtained on a partially loaded engine. Results of the thermotechnical tests of sea chest cooler on ship equipped with CPP (controllable-pitch propeller) and two-circuit cooling system are given, the said tests are carried out for the purpose of an experimental check and refinement of the mathematical model obtained. Preceeding from the conclusions given in the article, proposals for changes to the RS requirements for systems using box coolers may be formulated.

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UDC:  629.5.062:621.565.952
Author(s):  E.G. Orlova, V.K. Shurpyak
Pages:  245 - 259

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