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Explosion Prevention Measures Applicable on Oil and Chemical Tankers Carrying Cargoes with Low Flash Points (Installation of Inert Gas Systems in the Cargo Tanks of Tankers with Deadweight Below 20 000 t)
Lately, adopting amendments to SOLAS-74 Convention covering the requirement for a stationary inertisation system of cargo tanks provided on oil and chemical tankerswith deadweight below 20 000 t has been widely discussed by the IMO IMO Maritime Safety Committee and a number of its Subcommittees. The article is devoted to the history and current status of this matter as well as to the range of problems connected thereto.

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UDC:  629.7.067.8; 629.5.011:061.6
Author(s):  V.T. Aksenov
Pages:  260 - 270

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