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Selection of Main Components and Their Parameters for Electric Propulsion Plants
Preceeding from the analysis of electric propulsion plant long-term operation and relevant calculations, recommendations are given for the selection of electric propulsion motors, their main parameters, frequency converters supplying electric propulsion motors and cooling systems of main electric machines of the electric propulsion plant, which may be taken into consideration both during the construction of new ships equipped with electric propulsion plants and during the modernisation of such plants on board the ships in service.
Recommendations for selecting the insulation class for electric machine, its calculated non-failure operating time, as well as the structural design of electric machine cooling systems of electric propulsion plant are presented.

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UDC:  629.5.064
Author(s):  M.A. Subaev, A.P. Krylov, V.B. Machulsky
Pages:  285 - 289

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