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Quality Management System

The RS quality management system has been implemented and maintained to ensure that RS organizational structure, processes operating in RS, providing performance of the RS services, technical and organizational interaction of the RS personnel are effective and in operated conditions. To maintain efficiency of the quality management system, the Quality Division has been established in RS, embracing all levels of organization.

The RS Quality Division is a specialized unit that provides implementation, maintenance and improvement of the RS quality management system (RS QMS) in compliance with the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management systems - Requirements;
  • IACS QSCS Ц International Association of Classification Societies Quality System Certification Scheme;
  • Regulation (EC) 391/2009;
  • ISO/IEC 17020 - Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection;
  • IMO Resolution MSC.349(92) - Code for Recognized Organizations, RO Code;
  • other applicable requirements of international and national standards.

The objective of the Quality Division is the continual improvement of the efficiency of the RS quality management system at all levels of the organization to ensure that all the interested parties are satisfied with the RS activities and services, and the continual improvement of the RS activity as a whole.

The main tasks of the Quality Division are as follows:
  • to ensure that RS quality policy and objectives are implemented at all RS levels;
  • to organize implementation of new international and national requirements, related to RS QMS;
  • to organize implementation in the RS activity of the decisions taken by the IACS Council and IACS Quality Committee related to RS QMS;
  • to organize training of all the RS personnel on quality management at RS Head Office departments and RS Branch Offices;
  • to organize and support audits carried out by external auditors;
  • to plan, organize and carry out internal quality audits and vertical contract audits;
  • to prepare documents necessary for the annual RS QMS review by the RS Top Management;
  • to prepare necessary material based on the results of measurement of the RS fundamental processes, and proposals to the RS Top Management regarding the improvement of the RS QMS.

RS quality management system is certified against ISO 9001:2008 standard and annually assessed in accordance with IACS QSCS requirements by independent certification body DEKRA as well as by Quality Assessment and Certification Entity (QACE).

IACS Quality Committee

In March 2014 RS was elected to be the Vice-Chairman of IACS Quality Committee. The Committee is engaged in the development and maintenance of the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (IACS QSCS) and in its continuous improvement in accordance with international quality standards. Since 2012, the RS Representative in the IACS Quality Committee is Sergey Bystrov, Head of Quality Assurance Division.

IACS QSCS: 25 years of the Gold Standard

IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (IACS QSCS) has been implemented since 1991 as a standard for the Quality Management Systems of the Classification Societies. IACS QSCS is based on the international standard ISO 9001 supplemented with the specific requirements applicable to the CSТs activity. These requirements are IACS Unified Requirements, Unified Interpretation, Procedural Requirements and Recommendations. One of the most important features of IACS QSCS is its transparency and availability to the wide range of customers: all documents concerning IACS QSCS are placed on the IACS web-site: In the year 2016 the International Association of Classification Societies celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Gold Standard Ц IACS QSCS.

Statement of Compliance with IACSТ Quality System Certification Scheme (1st January 2017 - 31st December 2017)  EN