R&D Plan

RS plan of R&D that are put up for competitive procedures in 2019: 

Ship design and strength

  • Development of proposals to adjust the requirements of RS normative documents on the basis of a comparison of the metal consumption of hull structures designed according to the RS requirements and the requirements of other classification societies-IACS members.

  • Development of a draft new version of Part II “Hull” of the ​​RS Rules for the Classification and Construction of High-Speed Craft taking into account the requirements of up-to-date international normative documents, industry standards and rules of classification societies.

  • Development of RS draft requirements for ships equipped with a system for automated monitoring of hull strength and current ship stability introducing the appropriate additional characters in the class notation. 

Materials and welding

  • Development of proposals to adjust the requirements of RS normative documents for welding consumables and welding processes for high-strength steel structures including structures that operate at low temperatures. 

Dedicated software

  • Development of RS software to assess the compliance of cargo hatches of dry cargo holds of new revision UR S21A. 


  • Development of proposals to introduce in the RS normative documents the methods of specifying the operating restrictions for ships with a specified operating area service under different wind and wave conditions and IMO stability criteria. 

Ship electrical equipment

  • Development of the draft RS requirements for ship alternator units that operate at variable speed. 

Subsea pipelines

  • Development of the RS draft requirements for subsea steel pipelines with a diameter of over 1120 mm. 

Survey of MODU and FOP

  • Providing of the procedure for survey of hard-to-reach elements of mobile offshore drilling units and fixed offshore platforms using unmanned aerial vehicles.