Development of the RS rules for fishing fleet


At the 2nd Global Fishery Forum held on 13 – 15 September 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS, Register) presented developments and improvements in the RS rules containing the requirements for fishing vessels. Proposals of designers and shipbuilders presented at the RS conference "New Approaches to Construction of Fishing Fleet" held in June 2018 have been taken into account at improvement of the RS normative documents. The above was highlighted by the head of the RS Planning and Marketing Division Georgiy Bedrik in the report presented at the event.

"Today, we witness new engineering solutions and conceptually new exterior designs of ships that cannot be constructed without updated normative documents. As we all understand, the rules are amended and specified considering their application frequency. The number of ships under construction is increasing. We work closely with shipyards, designers and customers, and thus we are continuously developing the RS rules considering application of modern technologies, materials and products", he noted.

In particular, the requirements of the RS rules relating to location of emergency escape exits and fire extinguishing systems have been revised considering structural particulars of modern fishing vessels. The requirements for main and emergency electrical power plants have been also specified.

The requests of industry representatives relating to number and location of watertight bulkheads, bulwark structure and application of high strength and wear resistant steels are now under consideration.