RS at ROOGD-2020


Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) will speak at the VIII International Conference Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Development: Arctic and Far East (ROOGD-2020) on November 27, 2020 during the round table Design of Facility Construction & Operation of Offshore Fields.

RS presentation by Sergey Balagura, Нead of Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities Technical Supervision Division will cover the key classification and survey activities in terms of offshore oil and gas field facilities.

Today, RS is a part of every Russian offshore project performing plan approval, survey during construction and operation of mobile offshore drilling units and fixed offshore platforms, manufacture of oil and gas equipment and a wide range of materials and products as well as survey of marine operations of offshore facilities transportation and installation.

A special focus of the presentation will highlight the unique scope of ice class expertise that makes RS one of the key participants of the Arctic oil and gas projects including, in particular, the massive Kamennomysskoye-Sea gas field development undertaken in the high-latitude climate conditions of the Ob Bay, the Kara Sea, where RS surveys the construction of the ice-resistant fixed offshore platform LSP A.

“The RS Head Office has reviewed the platform’s technical project and as a number of contractors are simultaneously involved in the construction throughout several regions of Russia, our specialists of the Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan and Nizhny Novgorod branch offices ensure smooth and prompt survey process. The review of the design documentation is coordinated by the RS Astrakhan Branсh Оffice that possesses over 50 years of experience in supporting offshore development projects,” Sergey Balagura comments.

The list of the high-latitude offshore facilities under the RS survey includes ice-resistant fixed offshore platform Prirazlomnaya, ice-resistant fixed oil offloading terminal Varandey, semisubmersible mobile offshore drilling units Polyarnaya Zvezda and Severnoye Siyaniye as well as the Arctic fleet integrated in the offshore projects: icebreakers, offshore support vessels, oil tankers, large gas carriers.

The presentation will also consider the RS capabilities as regards subsea pipelines. There are currently 17 various main, interfield, intrafield, export subsea pipelines (oil, gas, multiphase, repressuring, etc. pipelines) in the RS class with the total length exceeding 600 km, including the Arctic Gates terminal subsea pipeline. Additionally, RS survey orderbook includes five more pipelines that are at various design and construction stages.