RS grants AIP to autonomous and remotely controlled navigation technology


Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has awarded Approval in Principle (AIP) to the autonomous and remotely controlled navigation technology of a Russian company JSC Kronshtadt Technologies (the a-Nav set of technical solutions). The technology has been approved in principle for the implementation on board ships involved in the autonomous navigation systems trials.

Under the procedure, RS has reviewed the extensive documentation including the concept of application of the a-Nav set of technical solutions, description and structure charts of the a-Nav systems and their elements, equipment layout drawings, risk assessment reports and system testing techniques.

The a-Nav set of technical solutions includes:

  • the autonomous navigation system
  • optical surveillance and analysis system
  • fixed or mobile remote control centre.

Additionally, motion and manoeuvring control system and ship’s propulsion plant and machinery control and monitoring system may be installed on board.

Currently, the a-Nav set of technical solutions is installed on board three RS-classed ships involved in the field operation sea trials of autonomous ships flying the Russian Federation flag. A decision on the possibility in principle to apply the systems along with the traditional navigation and automation equipment on board ships that do not participate in the trials will be taken based on the trials results.

"The system was tested by us as an adviser to the navigator on board the ship, in the format of an electronic tablet with cartography. It offers the navigator optimal manoeuvre for diverging from potentially dangerous targets that exclude the risk of collisions, which comply with International Regulations of Preventing Collision at Sea/COLREGs. During the development of the concept, we simultaneously studied and modeled all possible risks associated with its future application," stressed Andrey Rodionov, СEO, JSC Kronshtadt Technologies.

He also noted that the Approval in Principle of the concept of application of the a-Nav set of technical solutions by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the experience in operating equipment for unmanned navigation gained together with shipowners form conditions for the formation of legal foundations and further development of safe and effective autonomous navigation in the Russian Federation.

“The keystone of the RS activities that support the industry’s efforts in shaping up the autonomous shipping regulatory framework process is to verify the adequate navigation safety and tracking level for an autonomous or remotely controlled ship is met. We place special emphasis on the cyber safety. In close cooperation with the industry we have elaborated the joint vision on ensuring the cyber safety during design and construction of ships and ship computer-aided systems,” said RS Director General Konstantin Palnikov.

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