RS introduces CON-M notation


Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) introduces class notation distinguishing mark CON-M provided in the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships.

The relevant Circular letter (No. 312-11-1537c) is accessible at in the Online Information – RS Circulars section and enters into force from May 1, 2021.

The new distinguishing mark CON-M indicates there are critical structural areas of the ship that require additional monitoring. The mark may be added in the class notation of a ship complying with the IACS Common Structural Rules (a CSR ship).
It may also be assigned to a ship in operation (including a non-CSR ship) that is transferred to RS class and that is compliant with the CON-M requirements.

CON-M mark is assigned to a ship under construction upon the review of the critical structural areas monitoring plan. The plan shall contain the full list of critical areas/locations identified by the designer as the result of the strength and fatigue design assessment of the project. The critical areas may also be determined basing upon survey experience of hull structure areas subject to fatigue stress on the same ship types.

Additional control of the critical structural areas of a ship under construction contributes to risk mitigation of hull structure fatigue failures during further operation of the ship. The information on the critical areas is important for the hull survey during the ship’s entire lifecycle as it enables closer analysis and therefore enhances the operational safety of a ship.