RS updates the requirements for submitting documents on ship automation


The requirements for the scope of plan approval documentation and detailed design documentation for a ship under construction as regards automation equipment, specified in Part I “Classification” of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships, have been amended.

In accordance with the amendments introduced, the automation documentation is subdivided into two groups:

The first group includes technical description of systems and devices, list of controlled parameters, general arrangement plans of equipment and other documentation developed at the design start and containing the information related to general engineering solutions applicable to the ship as a whole.

The second group includes structural and mounting drawings. This technical documentation may be submitted to the Register for the review at the stage of the equipment delivery and installation not only by the designer, but also by the system integrator - a party conducting the integration and installation of systems and automation equipment supplied by the contractors on board the ship.

The amendments are based on the experience of applying the RS rules during the review of fishing vessels designs, when the functions of technical documentation development are partially delegated by the designer to other organizations, for example, equipment manufacturers or the shipyard's design bureau. This allows the parties to avoid delays related to the failure to submit the complete package of technical documentation for approval prior to the commencement of a ship’s construction. Thus, the coordination of all technical solutions of the project, including those developed by the designer and equipment manufacturers is ensured by the integrator and the approved drawings of the particular automation equipment are sent to the yard during its installation and mounting as may be necessary.