Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 from marine transport (EU MRV)

RS has become the first and yet the only Russian body accredited to perform assessment of CO2 emission monitoring plans and CO2 emission reports (EU MRV).

RS performs such activities according to Regulation (EC) 2015/757 of 29 April 2015 and ISO 14065:2020. The National accreditation body of Denmark (DANAK) approved RS conformity as the verification body in November, 2020 (accreditation under reg. no. 7510).

For sake of transparency of verification and validation activities, RS interacts with customers through the EMSA specialized information system, THETIS-MRV:

To launch the process of monitoring plan assessment or emission report validation, the shipowner is welcomed to:

  1. register in the system and upload the necessary information on vessels, particular monitoring plans and/ or emission reports,
  2. assign RS (as Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) as the verification body and request the contact with verification body,
  3. gain the feedback from RS within THETIS-MRV and submit the particular monitoring plans and/ or emission reports to RS within the personal account.

The outcomes for shipowners are the following:

  1. for monitoring plan verification – the RS information letter that states the verification of monitoring plan,
  2. for emission report validation – the RS information letter and the document of compliance (DoC) which is formed automatically within THETIS-MRV.

To facilitate performance within THETIS-MRV, EMSA developed thorough tutorials on registration, development and submittance the documents and following interaction with verification bodies. These videos can be found on EMSA website: