Ship detention prevention

“Procedure for Prevention of Ship Detentions and Arrangement of Surveys Based on Results of Port/Flag State Ship Inspections” (ND No.2-120104-001), inter alia, establishes the steps and procedure to prevent ship detentions and process information on the results of port/flag State ship inspections.

RS activity aimed to prevent ship detentions is focused on

Ship detentions cannot be prevented without understanding the safety culture by ship crews (primarily, by masters and chief engineers) as well as responsible personnel of shore-based divisions of shipping companies. RS mission is to fully assist its customers in achieving the commitment to safety culture.

RS regularly collects, processes and reviews information on results of ships’ inspections (without detention) published by the PSC regimes. When more than 5 deficiencies are revealed upon the ship inspection RS requests the company to confirm within a week that deficiencies are rectified to prevent possible detention of the ship in one of the next ports of call. Upon reviewing the company's response, RS decides whether an occasional survey is required.

RS cooperates on the ground with Port State Control in order to