International Association of Classification Societies has taken an illegitimate decision to withdraw RS’s membership


In light of the illegitimate decision adopted by the IACS Council on March 11, 2022, contrary to the IACS Charter, to withdraw Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’s membership of the Association, RS advises as follows.

As is widely known to the global maritime industry, the core and principle goal of IACS, as well as that of its members, has always been promoting maritime safety and marine environment protection.

Throughout the decades of its existence, IACS has followed this goal and has not taken decisions or actions that could call into question the IACS’s impartiality and objectivity.

On the contrary, having exceptional competence within technical supervision of ships, materials and equipment for them, IACS has focused on objective and unbiased approach to its performance.

Being a member of IACS for more than 50 years, RS has always met in full all applicable membership criteria and made substantial contribution to IACS’s work.

Nevertheless, on March 10, 2022, the IACS Chair, in violation of the Charter and procedures of Association, proposed to immediately withdraw Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’s membership of IACS, with reference to the sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom against the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine. And already on March 11, 2022, three quarters of the IACS members has agreed to this proposal by secret ballot, despite the protest of RS and objections of some IACS members.

Notwithstanding the decision taken, IACS Council acknowledged that RS’s commitment to quality and maritime safety is not in doubt. It was also unequivocally recognised that RS remains a competent classification society and that withdrawal of RS’s IACS membership will not affect maritime safety of vessels in RS class.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is preparing an appeal in connection with the above mentioned illegal decision.

RS fulfills all obligations to customers and continues to render services aimed at the improvement of standards of safety of life at sea, safety of navigation, safe carriage of goods by sea and in inland waters as well as at environmental pollution prevention.