Kapitan Aleksandrov flies the Russian flag


Kapitan Aleksandrov flies the Russian flag
Photo: Russian Crab Company Group

The state flag has been raised on the lead crab fishing ship Kapitan Aleksandrov, built to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) class as per Project CCa 5712LS.

Participating in the event on behalf of RS were Sergey Kulikov, RS Director General, and Andrey Fasolko, Deputy Director General in charge of fleet in operation.

Kapitan Aleksandrov is designed for catching and transporting live crab. The vessel outperforms existing ships in the crab fishing fleet with its deck, bait storeroom and cargo hold being doubled. The two-level hold, equipped with 32 isolated tanks and a total capacity of approx. 440 cubic meters, enables to transport between 110-120 tons of catch. Each tank is supplied with equipment for controlling the temperature, salinity and oxygen levels in the water to ensure at least 98% of product preservation.

The ship is powered by a state-of-the-art engine with improved environmental safety indicators. Even if the main engine is not functioning, a backup electric propulsion system will guarantee that the ship stays afloat. The Ice2 ice class of the hull and machinery will enable the vessel’s successful and safe operation in the cold seas of the Far Eastern fishery basin. Spacious accommodations are to provide comfortable working and rest conditions for a crew of 24 people. The ship ‘s length is 57.7 m, width – 12.6 m, height – 7.5 m, main engine - 1620 kw, full speed - 12.6 kts. RS class notation: KM (*) Ice2 (hull; machinery) AUT3 (REF) fishing vessel.

Today, the fishing fleet under RS survey is one of the most dynamically developing sectors in domestic shipbuilding. According to Sergey Kulikov, about 70 fishing vessels (approx. 30% of the total number of RS-class vessels under construction) are currently being built on Russian manufacturing sites. Amid over 20 projects carried out on 17 shipyards, there is room for implementing innovative engineering solutions for the creation of brand-new architectural types and unique equipment. Projects under RS survey include high-tech processor trawlers Pr. 170701, longline factory vessels Pr. MT1112XL; large-capacity freezer trawlers pr. 16094; freezer fishing trawlers pr. CT-192, a series of crab catching vessels pr. CCa5712LS, 03141, KSP01, 03070 and others.

"The variety in the characteristics of vessels under construction, the equipment and technologies stimulate RS to continue expanding its expertise, enhancing Rules, as well as the range and quality of its services. We have accumulated extensive practical experience in project approval, survey of ships under construction and in service within the high-tech fishing fleet. By flexibly adapting to the conditions of the modern market, RS is always ready to support advanced projects oriented towards introducing functionality that is up-to-date with the requirements of the industry," said RS Director General.