RS introduces new Head office structure


RS introduces new Head office structure

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has revealed its new organizational structure to be adopted by RS Head office on April 7, 2023.

The changes are aimed at improving the efficiency of internal processes and strengthening RS competitive positioning via the consolidation of core expertise within three key blocks. The fourth block comprises new business directions not related to ship classification.

"Traditional" services for vessels throughout their life cycle fall under the cluster for the survey of ships under construction and in service. The group also includes tasks on the approval of technical documentation, ship and offshore facilities design, ship passages and certification of materials and products for ships.

By establishing the Rules and Standards Division, RS foregrounds the importance of converting knowledge into a coherent architecture of Rules and Guidelines. Particular attention will be focused on developing requirements in the field of technologies for the maritime transportation, storage and processing of liquefied gases. RS is not only ready to support innovative shipbuilding projects within this highly technological sphere, but also to steadily expand the scope of its capabilities.

R&D and engineering activities encompass cooperation with industry enterprises in the form of joint projects, the pursuit of optimal and well-founded design solutions as well as the identification of forward-looking technologies and associated risks.

The Certification Division was created as part of the organization’s expansion of services and is tasked with approving general-purpose industrial products and factories, certifying in-house manufacturers and management systems for compliance with the ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45000, ISO 27000, ISO 29001, ISO 50001 and ISO 31000 series. Other services include the certification of maritime educational organizations, training devices, simulators and individual training courses for maritime crews.

The Division’s scope of expertise also involves the survey of subsea pipelines and floating production systems during the design and construction phases, approval of materials and products, design reviews and survey of marine operations. As an independent third party, RS can make readiness assessments of vessels, equipment and unmanned submersibles prior to offshore operations.

Evaluating the safety of transporting different cargo types (incl. hazardous and bulk goods), surveying containers and transportation equipment for shipping hazardous cargoes, managing the verification system of the approved gross weight of the containers is also under the purview of the new Division.

"RS has built expertise across the entire spectrum of the high-tech maritime fleet. Participation in cutting-edge projects has facilitated knowledge transfer. By consolidating our internal forces in the field of technical expertise and setting our priorities right, we can provide domestic manufacturing and transport companies access to the broadest range of certification services and enable RS to continue its strategic development, proactively responding to emergent technologies," said RS Director General, Sergey Kulikov.