RS is scaling up participation in multimodal LNG transportation projects


RS is scaling up participation in multimodal LNG transportation projects
Photo: RM Rail.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) has issued Certificates of Approval and Type Approval for cryogenic tank-containers used for the storage and multimodal transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

As part of a project aimed at import substitution in the field of LNG transportation, RS has approved the necessary technical documentation and surveyed the manufacturing and testing procedures preceding the series production of two tank-container models developed by RM Rail, one with an inner vessel made from stainless steel, the other from an innovative aluminum alloy.

“For RM Rail, the creation of these models is a key part of the company’s strategy to expand its rolling stock lineup with unique, innovative models boasting the best technical and operational characteristics, as well as to develop a new niche of cryogenic equipment for the company,” highlighted Sergey Ralovets, Managing Director of RM Rail. – It is crucial that the new tank-container models are contributors to import substitution: they will be manufactured solely from domestic components and with the use of domestic technologies. In the course of this project and with the assistance of RS specialists, our company has managed to significantly expand our expertise in thermal engineering, master new technologies for assembling and welding products intended to operate in vacuum and acquire methods of quality control over cryogenic products”.

“Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is actively scaling up its participation in projects that are not only linked to maritime, but also to multimodal transportation of liquified gases. RS is ready to cooperate with companies-innovators both within the scope of traditional classification and survey services and in the format of joint industry projects aimed at ensuring the integration of advanced technologies into the Russian maritime industry,” remarked Sergey Kulikov, RS Director General.

Additional information:

Founded in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is a world-renowned classification society that operates within all spheres of the of the maritime industry. The organization’s main objectives are to enhance the safety standards of human life at sea, ensure the safe navigation of ships and the secure transportation of cargoes by sea and inland waterways, as well as to develop standards for environmental protection.

RS reviews technical documentation, surveys ships under construction and in service, issues documents and certificates for vessels, offshore facilities, ship machinery, equipment and devices; conducts measurements of ships and floating facilities; carries out surveys to ensure compliance with international conventions; certifies industrial products and manufacturers, quality management systems, sustainability management and occupational health and safety management systems in compliance with ISO standards. RS surveys general cargo containers, thermal containers, tank containers, platform containers, offshore containers, etc.