RS representative speaks at Oil and Gas Conference


RS representative speaks at Oil and Gas Conference

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) took part in the IX International Scientific and Technical Conference Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Resources Development: Arctic and Far East.

The event was held in Moscow on July 12 - 14, 2023.

Among a wide range of topics discussed during the conference was the development and exploitation of offshore fields. Mikhail Ulchenko, Principal Specialist of the Department for the Survey of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities, gave an overview of RS activities in this area.

The report touched upon a number of RS industry services, including the classification and survey of fixed offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, the survey of offshore oil and gas field development facilities, as well as Marine Warranty Survey actively developed by RS.

In the context of surveying fixed offshore platforms, RS reported on the design and construction stages of the offshore ice-resistant stationary platform LSP "A", emphasizing the optimization of processes via the “single window” principle under the concept of a "distributed shipyard" applied by the customer during the construction of the facility. The audience was also introduced to the specifics of classifying subsea pipelines, both under construction and in service, located in the waters of the Gulf of Ob and the Taz Estuary, the Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas. To date, RS has already certified more than 200 000 tons of welded and seamless pipes, the total length of subsea pipelines in the RS class reaching about 700 km.

The Principal Specialist provided data on the units of fleet classified by RS and designed for offshore oil and gas projects, including large-capacity floating storage units Saam FSU and Koryak FSU, as well as a series of Arctic LNG carriers. Built to the RS class are a series of icebreakers capable of providing year-round pilotage for vessels from oil and gas fields along the Northern Sea Route. As the only classification society carrying out surveys of nuclear-powered vessels, RS ensures the operation of the icebreaker fleet for the Yamal LNG and Arctic LNG 2 projects.

The presentation concluded with a discussion of the Rules for Planning and Execution of Marine Operations, given the categorization of complexity and risk levels, requirements for certain types of operations afloat and safety assessments.

Additional information:

Founded in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is a world-renowned classification society that operates within all spheres of the of the maritime industry. The organization’s main objectives are to increase the safety standards of human life at sea, ensure the safe navigation of ships and the secure transportation of cargoes by sea and inland waterways, as well as to develop standards for environmental protection.

RS reviews technical documentation, surveys ships under construction and in service, issues documents and certificates for vessels, offshore facilities, ship machinery, equipment and devices; conducts measurements of ships and floating facilities; carries out surveys to ensure compliance with international conventions; certifies industrial products and manufacturers, quality management systems, sustainability management and occupational health and safety management systems in compliance with ISO standards. RS carries out surveys of general cargo containers, isothermal containers, tank-containers, platform containers, offshore containers, etc.

RS classifies and surveys the design, construction and operation phases of mobile offshore drilling units and platforms of various types, along with subsea production systems and subsea pipelines. RS has been authorized to classify fixed offshore platforms by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1377-р dated September 30, 2000, which recognizes RS as a leading organization for the certification of equipment, materials and products. Regulatory documents developed by RS expand its scope of services and contribute to enhancing the safety of offshore projects.