RS speaks at the National Sea Ice Academic Conference in Harbin


RS speaks at the National Sea Ice Academic Conference in Harbin
Photo: Harbin Engineering University.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) took part in the 11th National Sea Ice Academic Conference & 3rd Polar Equipment Technology Innovation Forum held in Harbin, China, from November 24 to 25, 2023. The event was organized by the Harbin Engineering University.

The conference brought together specialists from leading research institutes and educational establishments across China and the Russian Federation involved in solving fundamental and engineering problems related to the Arctic. Representing RS at the event were Alexey Zakharov, Head of the R&D and Engineering Division, and Mikhail Kuteynikov, Assistant in Scientific and Technical Activities.

Alexey Zakharov’s report at the Plenary Session of the conference was devoted to RS activities aimed at the development of efficient and safe navigation in the Arctic. In particular, the specialist enumerated RS class symbols that can be assigned to Arctic navigation vessels, explained how their use improves the safety of navigation in high latitudes and emphasized the role of research activities that serve as a basis for improving the requirements for RS Rules.

At the international panel, Mikhail Kuteynikov spoke about the Certificate of permissible ship motions when navigating in ice as a tool to improve the safety and efficiency of ship operations in ice conditions. He introduced the new RS Ice Safety Passport service alongside its scientific and methodological basis. In the process of developing documentation RS independently performs all necessary calculations of the ship’s side structure, the parameters of the power plant and propulsion system and consequently determines permissible scenarios and optimal operating modes (speed, distance during icebreaker pilotage, etc).

The agenda of the event covered the discussion of a wide range of topics, including an overview of research expeditions, studies of the physical properties of ice and ice formation forecasting. The participants also focused on the development of communication tools and engineering issues directly related to the design and operation of ships in the Arctic region.

Additional information:

Founded in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is a world-renowned classification society that operates within all spheres of the maritime industry. The organization’s main objectives are to enhance the safety standards of human life at sea, ensure the safe navigation of ships and the secure transportation of cargoes by sea and inland waterways, as well as to develop standards for environmental protection.

RS reviews technical documentation, surveys ships under construction and in service, issues documents and certificates for vessels, offshore facilities, ship machinery, equipment and devices; conducts measurements of ships and floating facilities; carries out surveys to ensure compliance with international conventions; certifies industrial products and manufacturers, quality management systems, sustainability management and occupational health and safety management systems in compliance with ISO standards. RS surveys general cargo containers, thermal containers, tank containers, platform containers, offshore containers, etc.