RS speaks at the RAO/CIS Offshore and Pipes-2023 Conferences


RS speaks at the RAO/CIS Offshore and Pipes-2023 Conferences
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Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) discussed its activities in the area of shelf and offshore oil and gas field development projects at the XVI International Exhibition and Conference for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and Continental Shelf RAO/CIS Offshore (St. Petersburg) and at the anniversary XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference Pipes-2023 (Chelyabinsk), held in September 2023.

Mikhail Ulchenko, Principal Specialist of the Oil and Gas Facilities Technical Supervision Department, gave a presentation at the RAO/CIS Offshore Exhibition and Conference on the topic of developing the RS regulatory and technical framework. The specialist announced that as ofSeptember 1, 2023 RS will separate the requirements for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) and fixed offshore platforms (FOP) in order to optimize the process of updating RS Rules and for the convenience of users. He also announced that theGuidelines on Technical Supervision of Vessel and Offshore Service Modules Manufacture enters into force on October 1, 2023.

The RS representative reminded the audience that many oil and gas projects on the Russian shelf are being implemented with RS participation. Among objects under RS survey are MODU and FOP, including those designed for operating in the Arctic, floating oil-and-gas storage units and subsea pipelines (SP). RS approves materials and products for offshore oil-and-gas units(FPU), oil-and-gas equipment, marine operation projects for towing FPU and their components during construction and installation at operation points, as well as actively develops services in the field of marine warranty survey.

At the Pipes-2023 conference Andrey Avdonkin, Head of the Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Technical Supervision Department, reported on the types of steel pipe products used in the construction of vessels, offshore units and SP to the RSclass. The presentation outlined key principles of surveying these types of materials in view of the object codes in the RSnomenclature alongside applicable survey schemes. Other points in the speech covered the process of RS survey at the stage of manufacturing pipe products for SP, including welded and seamless pipes. The specialist also mentioned the specifics of one of the current projects, where the need to transport multiphase corrosive media necessitated the use of seamless steel pipes with high steel requirements in the construction of SP.

Today, 20 various-purpose SP with a total length of over 650 km are in operation under the RS class. Another three subseapipelines are at various stages of design and construction.

Additional information:

Founded in 1913, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is a world-renowned classification society that operates within all spheres of the maritime industry. The organization’s main objectives are to enhance the safety standards of human life at sea, ensure the safe navigation of ships and the secure transportation of cargoes by sea and inland waterways, as well as to develop standards for environmental protection.

RS reviews technical documentation, surveys ships under construction and in service, issues documents and certificates for vessels, offshore facilities, ship machinery, equipment and devices; conducts measurements of ships and floating facilities; carries out surveys to ensure compliance with international conventions; certifies industrial products and manufacturers, quality management systems, sustainability management and occupational health and safety management systems in compliance with ISO standards. RS surveys general cargo containers, thermal containers, tank containers, platform containers, offshore containers, etc.