International activity

International activity


RS joined the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in 1969 and currently complies with all technical requirements for the design, construction, maintenance and survey of ships and other offshore installations.

IACS establishes, revises, promotes the minimum technical requirements for design, construction, maintenance and survey of ships and other offshore installations; renders assistance to international regulatory bodies and standardization organizations in developing, implementing and interpreting the industry regulations and standards related to the design, construction and maintenance in order to improve safety at sea and prevent pollution of the marine environment.

In its work, the Association strives to follow the highest professional standards. This is achieved through the effective use by the IACS members of the internal quality management systems that comply with the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) based on ISO 9001 and their regular audits.

In accordance with its stated objectives, the IACS develops technical and procedural requirements, unified interpretations of international conventions, the IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers, interacts with national and international organizations of the maritime industry (IMO, EU, ILO, ISO, INTERTANKO, etc.).

Authorizations from Maritime Administrations:

RS is a recognized organization (RO) of many Maritime Administrations, that is, an organization, which received an authorization from Maritime Administrations to perform a number of functions on their behalf.

Authorizations from Maritime Administrations

RS conducts surveys and issues relevant documents in accordance with the requirements of international agreements of flag states, as well as national requirements; information support of maritime administrations; renders technical expert assistance in the preparation of national legislative instruments in the field of merchant shipping arising from international agreements of flag states, positions of national delegations in the working bodies of IMO, ISO, ILO, IEC, etc. As the members of national delegations of flag states, the RS representatives participate in the work of the international organizations regarding the matters within the RS competence.

RS experts in delegations of United Nations and other organizations:

RS experts participate in the work of international governmental and non-governmental organizations, whose activities affect the RS interests in safety of navigation, prevention of sea and air pollution from ships and offshore installations, safe carriage of cargo, safety management, security at sea, working and living conditions on ships, both on behalf of the Maritime Administrations (as a part of delegations), and independently.

RS also provides the expert assistance to customers, organizations involved in innovative research and development, whose results might become part of the international regulatory framework.

The most actively, RS participates in the work of IMO, ILO, UNECE, ISO.

Informing of RS customers:

RS provides its partners and customers with a large amount of high-quality and up-to-date information on changes in the international regulatory framework in the field of the RS competence and on the results of various international events with the participation of its experts (Useful information subsection).

Also, the RS customers and partners have an information library at their disposal where the most significant documents of international organizations are collected, both those that have become normative and those in the process of discussion: (access for registered users).