Onshore facilities that provide safety of shipping

By Order No. AD-316-r of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport dated 28.11.2012, FAI Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) was designated as an authorized organization to carry out the surveys of shore facilities of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), vessel traffic control systems (VTCS) and other onshore navigation facilities that provide the safety of merchant shipping.

RS performs surveys of facilities in accordance with the “Regulations on approval of equipment types and survey of facilities and centers” approved by Instruction No. 32 of the RF Ministry of Transport dated 10.02.2010.

The onshore facilities include:

  • Vessel traffic control systems (VTCS)
  • Shore stations of GMDSS sea area А1
  • Shore stations of GMDSS sea area А2
  • NAVTEX shore stations

The survey of shore facilities is carried out for compliance with the “Requirements for radar vessel traffic control systems, seaport infrastructure facilities required for the functioning of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, facilities and means of the automatic information system, shipping control and monitoring service” approved by Instruction No. 226, dated 23.07.2015, of the RF Ministry of Transport, the applicable IMO resolutions, IEC standards, IALA and ITU recommendations.

Certificates of compliance of onshore facility are issued by the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport (FAMART) based on the positive results of the work carried out by the Register.

In order to carry out the survey of onshore facilities, the applicant sends to the Register the following documentation:

  • Application for survey of facility or center
  • Operational and technical documentation

Within one month, the Register informs the applicant of the results of the documentation review and a scope of testing.

At the initial survey of the facility, the following is submitted as a part of the operational and technical documentation:

  1. Detailed design (including specification of software and hardware).
  2. A copy of certificate of acceptance of work performed for construction of facility.
  3. Permits for use of radio frequencies and equipment operation (radio electronic means).
  4. Copies of certificates of type approval of equipment.
  5. List of regular personnel with copies of qualification documents attached.
  6. List of available documentation and manuals: instructions, orders, provisions, regulations including official job descriptions of personnel, as well as other documents related to the support of the facility functionality.

In case of periodic or occasional survey of the facility, the applicant provides information on changes in the composition and specification of software and hardware, system configuration, area (zone) of technical equipment operation or other technical and operational characteristics (as applicable), personnel-related changes, as well as information on violations or shortcomings in the work that are identified by supervision authorities, and information on their correction. 

In case of incomplete documentation, non-conformity of data contained in the documentation, with standard characteristics of the equipment or with the requirements for facilities, the survey of the facility is suspended, of which the Register informs the applicant. If the non-conformities are not corrected within two months from the date of the notification, the application for the survey of the facility is canceled.

List of services:

  1. Survey of vessel traffic control systems (VTCS);
  2. Survey of shore stations of GMDSS sea area А1;
  3. Survey of shore stations of GMDSS sea area А2;
  4. Survey of NAVTEX shore stations.

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