Software for verification of ship structures

Software system is designed for checking hull structures of sea-going ships against requirements of the RS Rules for local and general strength, buckling of sea-going ships, including ice class ships, and against requirements of the IACS Common Structural Rules.

Allows modelling hull structures with the required level of detail and perform calculations to verify compliance with the requirements for general and local strength, buckling, ice strengthening as well as for ships of special design.

Is aimed at helping designers to optimize labour input while calculating, reduce the number of errors at the stage of preparation of technical documentation for submission to the Register and also to minimize the number of issues concerning application and interpretation of the Rules.

Provision of model created via software system as a part of plan approval documentation set reduces the process of its calculation part review to checking of conformity of the model to the actual ship's particulars.

Results of calculations performed using software system will be taken into account when reviewing the design technical documentation on hull.

Hull structures

Rudder structures

Type C tanks

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