Services for declaration and certification of bulk cargoes

The RS is a recognized organization that is authorized by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to provide services related to the implementation of IMO Resolution MSC.354 (92).

In accordance with IMO Resolution MSC 354(92), when transporting bulk cargoes classified as Group A of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (cargoes, which may liquefy) and bulk cargoes that are not specifically mentioned in the Code, the shipper shall provide the master with a certificate or other document that confirms the transportable moisture limit of the bulk cargo, and a document that confirms the actual moisture content of the bulk cargo.

The documents that confirm the transportable moisture limit and the actual moisture content of the bulk cargo shall be approved by the Administration of the Port of Loading.

In order to meet the requirements of IMO Resolution MSC 354(92), the RS provides the following services:

  • appraisal and registration of the Declaration (Information) of the Transport Characteristics and Conditions for the Safe Shipment Sea Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargo
  • appraisal and registration of Certificates of the Cargo Characteristics at Shipment
  • recognition of bulk cargo testing laboratories to determine the transport characteristics
  • recognition of companies engaged in sampling and sample preparation of the bulk cargo to determine the transport characteristics
  • approving of procedures for sampling, testing and controlling the moisture content for solid bulk cargoes which may liquefy

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