Statutory surveys and other services

Subject to special agreement and authorizations, the Register may conduct other surveys. These include:

  • surveys conducted on behalf of state bodies (Maritime Administration of the flag state, embassy of the flag state, standardization bodies, state technical supervision bodies, etc.);

  • surveys conducted at the request of companies (shipping, insurance, industrial and others). Authorizations may be one-time (application, letter) or long-term (contract, agreement, legislative act of the flag state, etc.) with or without validity period restriction. As a rule, the above authorizations are submitted to the Register through the Head Office for the organization and control of its execution by the Register relevant representative offices. The Register local representative offices may accept one-time authorizations of urgent nature provided that the Register Head Office is immediately informed in order to coordinate further actions to fulfill the authorization.

  • surveys for compliance with the International Conventions (IC), Codes, resolutions, agreements, national requirements of the Maritime Administrations of the flag states (hereinafter referred to as surveys for and on behalf of MA) are conducted to confirm their compliance with applicable provisions of international conventions, codes and resolutions, national requirements and issuance/confirmation/renewal of relevant certificates, lists, documents of compliance, etc. All such surveys are carried out by the Register provided that there is an authorization in place from the flag state MA. Survey of ships in accordance with international conventions, codes and resolutions is carried out in accordance with the General Provisions on classification and other activities and is regulated by the Guidelines for technical supervision of ships in service, guidance instructions by the ship’s flag state Maritime Administrations and other RS ND. 

Other services:

Development of technical documentation

One of the RS activities is the development of the following technical documentation at the customer's request: 

1. Enhanced survey program

2. Actual strength calculation (hull girder and local)

3. Ice class structural calculation

4. Calculation of Permissible Residual scantling

5. Technical Condition assessment report

6. Inclining test and inclining report

7. Stability calculation

8. Bending moment and shear force calculation

9. Damage trim and stability calculation

10. Subdivision index calculation

11.1 ITC-69 Tonnage calculation

11.2 ITC-69 Tonnage certificate

11.3 Suez Canal Tonnage calculation

11.4 Panama Canal Tonnage certificate

11.5 Panama Canal Tonnage calculation

12. Freeboard calculation per LLC-66

13. Stability and strength calculation for ballast water exchange

14. Calibration tables for cargo, ballast and storage tanks

15. Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

16. Justification for Dangerous cargoes carriage 

Presentation of letters of ship class confirmation to Maritime Administration, shipowners, insurance companies.

Maintenance of Register of Ships 

When carrying out technical supervision of ships and offshore installations, the Register is guided by the following RS normative documents listed below and by the applicable international conventions, codes, agreements, national requirements of the flag state MAs: