Additional inofrmation on surveys of ships in service

Check lists
ESP ships
Thickness measurement report forms

The results of measurements of defects of ship's hull structures are drawn up using the software "VOLNA".
"VOLNA" Sofware installation files, User's manual and other information

Forms of Minutes of meeting with Attachments to it are the RS reporting forms. With regard to their application it is necessary to speak to RS surveyor on board a ship.

Further information
Revised MARPOL Annex VI
Measures on decarbonization of international shipping
New MARPOL Regulations
MEPC.333(076)_2021 Guidelines on the method of calculation of the attained energy efficiency existing ship index (EEXI)
MEPC.334(076)_2021 Guidelines on survey and certification of the energy efficiency existing ship index (EEXI)
MEPC.335(076)_2021 Guidelines on the shaft engine power limitation system to comply with the EEXI requirements and use of a power reserve
MEPC.336(076)_2021 Guidelines on operational carbon intensity indicators and the calculation methods (CII guidelines, G1)
MEPC.337(076)_2021 Guidelines on the reference lines for use with operational carbon intensity indicators (CII reference lines guidelines, G2)
MEPC.338(076)_2021 Guidelines on the operational carbon intensity reduction factors relative to reference lines (CII Reduction factor guidelines
MEPC.339(076)_2021 Guidelines on the operational carbon intensity rating of ships (CII Rating Guidelines, G4)
mepc-328-076-eng_2021 Revised MARPOL Annex VI
mepc-346-078-eng_2022 Guidelines for the development of a Ship energy efficiency management plan(SEEMP)
mepc-347-078-eng_Guidelines for the verification and company audits by the administration of part III of the Ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP)
mepc-348-078-eng_2022 Guidelines for Administration verification of ship fuel oil consumption data and operational carbon intensity
mepc-349-078-eng_2022 Guidelines for the development and management of the IMO ship fuel oil consumption database
mepc-350-078-eng_2022 Guidelines on the method of calculation of the attained energy efficiency existing ship index (EEXI)