About scientific activity of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

About scientific activity

One of the key aspects of the Register activities as classification society is scientific research that forms the basis for the development and improvement of safe navigation standards and the environmental pollution prevention.

In accordance with the directions of its scientific and technical policy, RS determines scientific tasks that are implemented in the form of an annual research plan. These studies are performed by RS together with the leading scientific centers of the Russian Federation.

The RS tasks include the appraisal of research and development studies carried out by various organizations under government contracts.

The RS scientific work necessitates the exchange of information on the research results and on the definition of promising areas. For this purpose, RS issues Research Bulletin by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which publishes many important results of scientific and engineering developments, explains the essence of the new requirements in the field of shipbuilding and shipping.

The research activities in RS are coordinated by the Normative Documents and Research Support Department.

Normative Documents Support and R&D Coordination Department


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