About scientific activity of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

About scientific activity

One of the most significant aspects in the Register activity as a classification society is R&D that lays the basis for development and improvement of the standards in maritime safety and prevention of environmental pollution.

In accordance with its scientific and technical policy, RS identifies scientific challenges embodied in an annual plan of R&D works executed on the Register request by leading R&D centers of the Russian Federation.

The RS tasks include the appraisal of research and development studies carried out by various organizations under government contracts.

The Register R&D activity suggests the exchange of information regarding achieved outputs and identifying perspective directions. To that effect, RS issues Research Bulletin by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping containing numerous important findings in science and engineering, explanations of new requirements in the field of shipbuilding and shipping industry.

R&D Department coordinates R&D works in RS.

R & D Department


Dmitry Semionichev


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