HR strategy

HR strategy

The Personnel Training Department provides the organization, coordination and implementation of training of engineering and technical personnel of the Register, maintaining and improving their qualifications in accordance with the policy and strategy to perform work and to render services in the main areas of activity.

The Register HR strategy is aimed at implementing the following tasks:

  • Personnel renewal: HR planning, attracting of recent graduates and industry professionals, implementation of personnel turnover.

  • Development of competencies at the level of international standards: development of competence model, assessment of competences and performance results, multistage integrated personnel training and development.

  • Formation of personnel reserve: identification of employees with high development potential, targeted training of succession candidates based on individual development plans, planned turnover including cross-geographic one.

  • Organizational culture: orientation on values and ethical principles of the Register, increase in activity and susceptibility to changes and innovations, sustaining of image of one of the best employers in the industry.